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What do I get in a bag?

The bags contain a carefully selected variety of vegetables. They always include staple foods, such as potatoes, onions and carrots, as well as a selection of seasonal delights. You will also receive a newsletter with recipe suggestions for the veg in your bags.

We source the bulk of our produce from the local growers listed below. During the 'hungry gap' months of March – June we source from further afield, although our preference is always for UK produce. We will occasionally buy European produce. We never buy air freighted produce or produce grown in heated greenhouses. The newsletter will tell you where the produce has come from each week.

Bags are available in two sizes: 




Small bags contain 6-7 types of veg, and are £6 a week.







Standard bags contain 8-9 types of veg, and are £10 a week.







We accept Healthy Start vouchers.

We always pay our growers a fair price for their produce and, as a social enterprise, we re-invest any profit to support more local food growing projects.

Our growers this season are: 

  • Freshfields Enterprises, a social enterprise in Burnley that provides horticultural training opportunities for adults with learning difficulties. Freshfields is certified with the Climate Friendly Food accreditation scheme. 

  • Fir Tree Community Growers, a care farm based in Kings Moss, St Helens. Fir Tree Farm has organic certification with the Soil Association as well as Climate Friendly Food certification.

  •  Organic Dan, a family run organic farm, certified with the Soil Association, in Ormskirk, Lancashire.