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Burnley Food Links

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Burnley Food Links is a community enterprise working to develop a sense of community and food security through the provision of local food in the area around Burnley in East Lancashire.

We are a Not for Profit Company set up in 2004 to get people involved in developing a sustainable food system by raising awareness of the benefits of a strong local food economy for people and the environment.  We aim to promote healthy local and organic food at affordable prices: read more

Why healthy? Healthy eating, particularly eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, can help make you fitter and happier and prevent health problems such as heart disease.

Why local? By consuming locally produced food, you can help the local economy, enjoy fresher produce and protect the environment by reducing the distance the food we consume travels to reach us.

Why organic? Organic food does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides in its production, making it tastier for you and better for the environment. Our "Climate friendly" food is produced to similar standards and is just as tasty.

What do we do?...

We welcome people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds who are interested in growing, cooking, buying, selling, sharing or eating local and organic food. 

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